Sara MacSorley

celebrate diversity, promote inclusion

Consulting Services

Consulting Services available on a project basis. Contact me directly to discuss your project and determine fees.

Writing & Editing

Always had that book idea but can’t find the time to write it all down or figure out where to start? You can do it! I’m available for freelance writing, ghost writing, and full editing services from copyediting to more comprehensive developmental editing.

“Sara has a remarkable talent for internalizing in the voices of her authors. I was amazed at how quickly and keenly she came to understand not just what I was trying to say, but why I wanted to say it. She often would say exactly what I was trying to get across but couldn’t quite find the words for. Her developmental edits were usually so spot on that I felt as if my best self had written them.” ~E. Gerstein, editing client

Talent & Inclusion Work

Let my experience and network of Super Cool Scientists work for you. Whether you are looking for a STEM job or the right STEM candidate, I can help.

Corporate and University talent departments can hire me on a project basis to source a pool of super candidates for science positions and find the right person. Recruiting projects available on a partial contingency basis. I can also provide feedback on issues relating to diversity and inclusion.

Job hunters can hire me to update resumes, optimize LinkedIn profiles, perform mock interviews, or get a different perspective on their STEM career journeys if they’re feeling like its time to pivot.


Don’t have time to finalize grant proposals and reports yourself or not sure what that “broader impacts” part of the research grant is all about? Want to do a crowdfunding campaign but don’t know where to start? I’m here to help.

Organizations can hire me to provide proposal and project development services such as editing on grant proposals and reports, designing crowdfunding campaigns, or consulting on larger projects. Consulting can include the entire life of a project from idea to implementation to close out. My specialties include science-based projects especially outreach and broader impacts, community youth work, and teacher professional development programs.

My fundraising success includes:

  • Being instrumental in securing a $20 million, 5-year statewide research program
  • Securing over $4 million over 5 years from local and state funding agencies to run community youth and teacher professional development projects
  • Successfully crowdfunding the creation and publication of my first book, the original Super Cool Scientists


Are you a new manager feeling like you could use some real talk on how to be the boss? I’ve been there. Managers can hire me to provide individualized leadership consulting including areas such as communication, team dynamics, relationship building, and the ever-annoying dealing with imposter syndrome. We can customize sessions to best fit your needs and concerns.

Strategic Planning

Is it time for your organization to regroup or refocus? Has the environment changed so much so that your goals don’t make sense anymore? Let’s work together to get a fresh perspective. Organizations can hire me to develop or revise strategic plans and get advice on how to best engage with your community of stakeholders. Update mission, vision, and value statements. Take a look at overarching goals and develop objectives to reach them with your available resources.