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Lil Gratitutes

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The to-do lists of my work day and personal life this spring are growing, some days it seems exponentially. There are great events happening at work, including a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, and I’m planning a wedding for early June. I can officially add Event Planner to my resume soon.


With so many tasks to accomplish with overlapping time frames, its easy to get overwhelmed on focus on the things that slip through the cracks rather than all the good things we get done. One way to help keep a positive mindset is to remember gratitude.

What things did you accomplish? What made you smile today?

Keeping a gratitude journal is a tool for practicing gratitude. I’ve tried to keep a journal on several occasions and it goes well for the first few weeks and then I lose track, or simply lose the physical journal. I’ve tried apps on my phone but nothing has quite worked for me.

So, I’ve started the @LilGratitutes Twitter account. @LilGratitudes is a place where I can post the little things I’m grateful for as well as a place for others to share theirs with #lilgratitudes.

Join me today in being a little more grateful and hopefully, a little less stressed.


Author: Sara MacSorley

Working for science education and outreach everywhere. This blog is a place to share resources about marine science, science communication, and getting women interested in science.

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