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New Year, New Outlook

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Each New Year’s Eve, I make time to think through all the good things that happened the year before and set my sights on what I want to achieve in the year to come.

2014 was an intense year to say the least. There were many good memories – visits to the family in Maryland, an Italian adventure, a big rebranding for the Green Street Teaching and Learning Center, and a 5-year anniversary as we plan our wedding for next summer. There were also many challenges that some days seemed to overwhelm the positives – unease about budgets at work, family health issues, and getting caught up in my own head on how to get myself to a better, less stressed out place. We can’t prevent the challenges from coming at us, we can only adjust how we handle them when they’re in our laps. That is my focus for the new year.


I don’t like the idea of resolutions as I feel they rarely stick for me. I can make a resolution to lose weight but I know I’m going to eat that dessert in front of me. Instead, I like the idea of goals. I can work toward goals, even if I don’t achieve them in full, I can still make progress.

In 2015, I aim to continue working to make myself a better person. To find inner peace, I aim to spend less time in front of the television and more time doing things I enjoy like reading and talking to friends and family. I hope to spend a few minutes each day simply being quiet. Each night, I plan to run through all the parts of my day that I’m grateful for, as insignificant as they may seem. Even if its something very small that makes me smile, its worth recognizing. Professionally, I’ve started by launching this new website. I’d like to work more on my writing this year, even if its just a blog post now and then.

Most of all, in light of the global events this year – the ebola outbreak, school shootings, ISIS demands, and racial tensions – I propose a goal for all of us this year and its simple. Lets be kinder to each other as people. Our differences are what make things interesting and what give us the wide range of perspective to improve our world. Above all else, be kind to others and to yourself.

Happy 2015!


Author: Sara MacSorley

Working for science education and outreach everywhere. This blog is a place to share resources about marine science, science communication, and getting women interested in science.

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